Uni Seminar Center
Uni Seminar Center is the Strategic Academic
Representative for Wawasan Open University
(WOU). We provide free of charge academic
consultancy to students and working adults who
interested to know more about WOU courses and
help them on registration process.

Especially for those who stay in Bukit Mertajam,
Butterworth and Kulim area, we are very convenient
resources for them, and saving their travel to WOU
Penang campus to follow up the registration.
Uni Seminar Center
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WOU is Malaysia's first private, not-for-profit, open learning institution, a lifelong
education accessible to all at anytime, anywhere. The self-paced learning
environment is specially designed for the convenience and accessibility of adult
learners of any age, gender, ethnicity and background.

Funded by charitable trusts, corporations and the public, WOU aim to lower the
personal cost of learning and make it more affordable. If you wish to study for
accredited qualifications or for personal enrichment without leaving your home or
job, then WOU is the choice for you.

WOU Programs Offer:
Commonwealth Executive Master’s
•        Master of Business Administration
•        Master of Public Administration

Bachelor of Business (Hons)
•        Accounting
•        Banking and Finance
•        Business Information Systems
•        Logistics and Supply Chain Management
•        Sales and Marketing
•        Management
•        (Corporate Administration)
•        Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Bachelor of Technology (Hons)
•        Computer Systems and Networks
•        Computing and Intelligent Systems
•        Electronic Commerce
•        Information and communication Technology
•        Electronics

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
•        Liberal Studies
•        Psychology
•        English Studies

Bachelor of Education (Hons)
•        Primary Education

Post Graduate Diploma
•        Education

Graduate Diploma
•        Business Accounting
•        Corporate Administration
•        Sales and Marketing
•        Supply Chain Management
•        Electronics
•        Telecommunication
•        Database Management

Graduate Certificate
•        Business Management
•        Logistics Management

Note: All WOU courses are MQA accredited.

Master degree 2 years or 48 credits hours
Bachelor degree 4 years or 120 credit hours
Graduate Diploma 1.5 years or 15 credits hours

Application is Free of Charge. Document require for application are:
1. Student IC Number
2. Personal Details
3. Contact Details
4. Programme Selection
5. Educational Background
6. Employment Status
7. Work Experience
8. Course Attended